Lo-Shan Hong Shui


This is a GABA Hongshui grown in Shi-Ding, Taiwan and charcoal roasted by our teacher Mr Zhan. This is the third harvest of Hongshui that we’ve had from this farmer, and it shows off his exceptional skill.

The farmer who made this tea is an oolong artist. When we asked Mr Zhan how he sees this compared to the Lala Shan, he said the beauty of the Lala Shan comes from the land it was grown on, and the beauty of the Lo Shan comes from the person behind the tea.


This tea is the first tea I've ever seen change so dramatically both in color and flavor from start to finish. The first infusion, whether we brew it long or short, comes out golden (almost like our Traditional Dong Ding). The flavor is sweet and fruity, and I can't tell that it's a Hong Shui at all. Then, with the second and third infusion it gets increasingly orange and then red, and the sweet potato kind of Hong Shui note starts to come through. The broth becomes more rich and full, and the notes darken. 

From the very beginning the broth is EXTREMELY soft. It’s so soft that as you feel for the impact of the broth, it starts to spread before the mouth is able to detect the initial kick. The aftertaste shows this unique fruit note that isn't present at all in the initial taste, and the broth rests in all corners of the mouth. In the later infusions, as the broth darkens to a crimson color, the impact on the tongue becomes more pronounced, and starts to thicken and become more full.

This tea is very amenable to long ‘soaking’ infusions, and doesn't easily lose definition.

In the body, this tea is deeply comfortable and relaxing. It has an awesome body high which reaches pleasantly into the torso, shoulders and limbs with a gentle, soft fullness. This is an expertly crafted GABA Hongshui. The work of an artist.


  • Harvest Location : Shi-Ding, Xinbei, Taiwan
  • Roast Date : August 2020
  • Altitude : 700 Meters