Lo-Shan Hong Shui


This is a GABA Hongshui grown in Shi-Ding, Taiwan and charcoal roasted by our teacher Mr Zhan. The tea was harvested in 2016, so it is starting to develop an aged oolong characteristic.

The farmer who made this tea is incredibly skilled at processing oolong tea. When we asked Mr Zhan how he sees this compared to the Lala Shan, he said the Lala Shan represents the beauty of the plot of land it was grown on, while this Lo-Shan shows the high skill of the farmer.


The tea is incredibly soft and has a 'wide' spreading feeling that reminds me of the low rolling hills on which it was grown, and the notes are direct in presentation. So I decided to use the bilingual name "Lo-Shan" as in 'low country' or 'lowlands' tea. 

Notes are on the fruity, caramelized side of the oolong spectrum. There's a dried plum note and an herbal sweetness that reminds me of grass jelly (xian cao). The scent is deeply penetrating.

The broth is very well composed with a solid foundation and rich colorful notes through the mid and high range. The body is elegantly soft. This is a beautiful tea to experience the spreading and expansion that tea plants can offer.


  • Harvest Location : Shi-Ding, Xinbei, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : 2016
  • Roast Date : January 2020
  • Altitude : 700 Meters