Mr Zhan's Charcoal Roasted Oolong Sampler

As a limited run, we are offering a sampler of Charcoal Master Zhan's oolong teas that we brought back from this latest filming trip. We tried so many teas during the week we spent filming him, and these were some of our favorites.

Each tea spoke out to us in some way, and we sincerely want as many of our clients as we can to see the beauty we saw in the tea. Zhan listens to each oolong and uses charcoal to help them tell the story that nature wants to tell through the tea.

What's in the Sampler

This sampler will include four oolong teas. Two are grown in Wuliangshan, Yunnan by a Taiwanese farmer. One is a Mao Xie (Furry Crab) bush and one is a Tie Guan Yin bush. It will also include two from Taiwan, a Heavy Roast Organic Alishan and a 20 year aged Dong Ding called Old Iron Cask Dong Ding. Each tea will be packed as half an ounce sample size.


We will release some of these teas for sale in limited supply depending on how much we are willing to part with! If you just fall in love with these teas, please directly inquire about larger quantities. Some are not available any more, but we will do our best to help you.