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New tea tasting!

In this tasting we will finally be offering the full lineup of high mountain oolong teas from Taiwan from four different growing regions : Lishan, Alishan, Hehuan Shan, and Da Yu Ling. Each region produces tea with different flavors, textures and overall composition. When making our choices, we are looking for a distinct expression in each tea. Tasting and comparing together, we will show what makes each tea stand out to us. Most people will end up preferring one or another, but we hope to show how each tea is special and has something to teach.

Since it is Winter, we will close the session with some dark oolongs. These are both brand new unique offerings for us, with a good story behind the tea. One is a heavy roast Da Hong Pao from cuttings of the mother bushes grown in Dong Ding, Taiwan. The other is Honey Oolong, but it was harvested from Tie Guanyin bushes. The taste is darker, thicker and heavier like Fall honey instead of Spring honey.

We really hope you can join us to taste through the full lineup of our brand new oolong teas!

The Teas :

  • Alishan High Mountain Oolong

  • Hehuan Shan High Mountain Oolong
  • Lishan High Mountain Oolong
  • Da Yu Ling High Mountain Oolong
  • Taiwan Da Hong Pao
  • Tie Guanyin Honey Oolong