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Shiuwen will be hosting a special puer tasting featuring Charcoal Master Zhan's puer teas. The class will be set up to show the unique personality of each tea. All of the teas we are tasting are from Shiuwen's personal stash! We will explore what it feels like to drink teas harvested from old trees, how different age ranges of tea trees affect the feeling/taste of the tea, and how you can begin to identify this for yourself.

We strongly encourage you have some tea experience before attending this class, because it will be on the esoteric side. Really special puer teas are like very deep music or art, the more you have experience the more you will appreciate them. We hope to open the door for you to see the beauty in these teas. Look forward to sharing some excellent teas with you!


  • 2007 Qian Jia Zhai - The Beauty (roughly 1000 yr trees)
  • 1998 Yuancha - Distinguished Gentleman
  • 2012 Jiuhua - The Warrior (300-500 yr trees, Menghai region)
  • 2011 Banzhang - The King (you can decide for yourself if it earns its name)


Location : Inner Northeast Alameda District near Grant High School