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This is an in-shop tasting with limited seats available

We want to share stories and these excellent puer we found in Taiwan on our latest tea journey. These teas are really incredible! All the tea masters we follow prefer to drink puer over any other tea. These are a few of their own pressings that we would like to share with you.

In this tasting we will lead you to discover the personalities of five different puer teas pressed by tea masters in Taiwan. There are three teas by Charcoal Master Zhan. His teas always feel very 'big' and have a very clear, unique personalities. He likes to talk about his puer like different people. We will also drink a mini-tuo cooked puer with a smooth body energy, almost medicinal. And we will drink an Yiwu that, although only eight years old, is already feeling pretty aged due to wet storage. We may also add a surprise tea at the end, it depends on how much tea you can drink! Come to see why we love these masters' puer pressings so much.

We offer these tastings exclusively at our tea shop in Ballard, Seattle. If you are interested in tasting these teas but won't be in the area, please take a look at our Instagram Live Sessions for puer and high mountain tieguanyin.