Red Peony - 100g Cake
Red Peony - 100g Cake Red Peony - 100g Cake Red Peony - 100g Cake


We pressed this cake from 2017 Red Peony white tea material. It is a white peony style processing using Ruby 18 material. This is our first experiment in aging white tea! We asked our friend in Taiwan to press the cake, so it is a different style of pressing than is done in Yunnan. It doesn't have a "Bing-hole". It is shaped like a big biscuit.


As soon as the tea was pressed the scent of the dry leaves took on a note of dark fruit leather. Broth is red colored (almost like Red Tea), and the texture is juicy. There is a slight minty aftertaste (the feeling of mint, not the aroma) that seems to always show up with Ruby 18 varietal. We are excited to see how the tea continues to develop with age!

After the Instagram live session on April 16th, we are noticing the broth is much more juicy and full than the leftover loose version from the same harvest (2017). And the most impressive, the energy root to the belly is beginning to show up clearly. It feels very nice and warm. We're both feeling really excited with the direction this tea is going!


  • Harvest Location : Sun Moon Lake Region, Nantou, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : Spring 2017
  • Cultivar : Ruby 18 (Hongyu #18)
  • Pressed : Spring, 2018