2017 Winter Da Yu Ling High Mountain

Da Yu Ling is the highest tea growing peak in Taiwan, this particular farm is about 2500 meters high. The tea this season is very delicate, complex and refined. We believe this may be because of the higher elevation, the weather being colder, and therefore the tea produced has more of the concentration and strength that winter tea is known for. 

Once rinsed, the leaves reveal high notes of citrus and fruit, with a strong buttery scent in the base. The brewed tea, the broth, is very soft and very complex. Salivation is gentle and steady. The aftertaste is long lasting and really captivating. A clear bright grapefruit scent lingers long in the mouth and nose. By the third infusion the broth produces a fascinating texture, similar to the 'popping' feeling of pomelo (citrus) flesh.

As the tea passes the throat, you may feel the aftertaste lingers there, too. That is to say, the tea has "hou yun" (throat feeling). This is remarkable, especially for a fragrant high mountain oolong. It has complexity, structure and grace. We can't recommend this tea highly enough for any serious high mountain oolong lover!

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