2017 Winter Lishan High Mountain

Lishan, which translates a 'Pear Mountain' is one of Taiwan's most famous tea mountains. The misty peaks of this very high alpine region accent Taroko Gorge National Park on the East Coast of Taiwan. This tea garden is located about 1800 meters high on the mountain.

The tea itself is incredibly balanced. Wet leaves have a clear buttery scent. There are plenty of high notes in the nose like floral and citrus, and they are rounded out by creamy, brothy notes. The scent is initially floral and the aftertaste develops into a complex citrus bouquet that lingers long after swallowing. The creamy, oily texture of this tea broth makes us very happy.

In terms of brewing, this oolong can take long steeping times. We like to do a blind tasting each season when the new tea arrives, and we brew the tea leaves directly in small bowls, brewing them for 20 minutes or more. Until the tea is completely steeped into the water surrounding it. After this long steeping, this Lishan had the best structure out of all the teas this season. In the gaiwan, Dayuling has a more complex aroma and texture. But you can brew this Lishan for very long steeps until it has an almost syrupy consistency, and it still holds its balance. If you want a balanced, forgiving high mountain oolong that represents its namesake, please choose this tea.

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