2019 Winter Shan Lin Xi High Mountain


When we say High Mountain Oolong it means two things. One, the tea is grown above 1,000 meters. Two, it is generally processed light, more towards green tea than black, and it is rolled into little pearls, or 'ball rolled'. The name refers to the location that the tea was grown; in this case Shan Lin Xi. This farm on Shan Lin Xi is about 1,500 meters high.

This year the weather got cold quickly in Taiwan, so the Winter harvest was early. All the high mountains and Baozhong we got were finished before the beginning of December. So far we are happy with the results, the teas are well balanced and have fully developed aroma.


The wet leaves have a buttery scent. The broth is soft and smooth with a nice mineral taste. The aroma is somewhere between floral and fruity right now, I can't actually decide which side it falls on. But the body has that buttery high mountain feeling that we go crazy over. 

Last season Shan Lin Xi was bold and super fragrant. This time around it is balanced and smooth, and the mineral broth that we come to associate with this location is showing up again. It is still bright with a bold fragrance, though. I will let it rest and update tasting notes again in a few weeks.

Update : The fragrance has really opened up and is now the show stopper of the bunch. It is bold and punchy with a well developed citrus like complexity.


  • Harvest Location : Shan Lin Xi, Zhushan, Nantou, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : November, 2019
  • Cultivar : Qing Xin
  • Farming Method : Conventional
  • Altitude : 1500 Meters


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