Spring 2021 High Mountain Oolong Tasting Set

Includes 10 grams each of our four Spring 2021 High Mountain Oolongs

  • Alishan High Mountain
  • Lishan High Mountain
  • Shan Lin Xi High Mountain
  • Traditional High Mountain

Shipping is free, you won't be charged to ship this sampler!*

If you purchase other items in the same order, this sampler may be shipped separately.

Live Tasting

We'll be going live on YouTube to taste these four teas on June 8th, 5pm Pacific Time. Join us to drink the teas together!

>>Link to the recorded live session<<

US orders may be shipped out of Seattle to speed up the shipping process, but other places I can't make a promise on the timing due to current Covid-related slowdowns in Taiwan. However, the video will stay up so you are always welcome to drink along with us another day.

Although this tasting set will only be available for a limited time, you can bookmark this page to save the link to the live session.



*Only available to USA, Canada, France, Holland, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Philippines, Macao, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Mainland China