Taiwan Da Hong Pao


This tea was a very special find. It was grown by a Dong Ding farmer who was apparently gifted seven cuttings from the Da Hong Pao mother bushes about 15 years ago. Over the course of those 15 years he has cloned those cuttings on his own land in Dong Ding to be able to produce a Da Hong Pao oolong. Because of the local skills, it is rolled into tadpole shapes like all other Dong Ding oolong, but the farmer is looking to emulate true Da Hong Pao flavor in all the other steps of processing.


Scent off the top of the warm leaves has notes of red berries and toasted coconut combined with a mineral aroma that reminds me of old school Da Hong Pao. The broth is already deeply red in the first infusion. The charcoal roast is heavy and solid. This farmer seems to get closer and closer to classic Da Hong Pao every season, and this time I think he nailed it. The broth is huge and full and thick in the mouth. The tea packs a punch both in flavor and caffeine. It's a big tea!

Dong Ding shows up in the terroir, although the flavor is pretty much all Da Hong Pao, the yun (translates directly as 'rhyme') has a Dong Ding character. I like to translate yun as resonance. What I mean by that is there is a texture that shows up in the root of the tongue that feels thick and juicy, which I associate with Dong Ding.

To be honest, when I sat down to taste this tea I was a little concerned it wouldn't be distinct enough from Dong Ding Traditional to justify buying it. But after the first infusion I was completely convinced. I'm really happy with this batch. It tastes like a well done, old fashioned cliff tea with a Dong Ding touch. And for the price, it's hard to beat. Since it was just roasted, it will continue to improve with age, and the true character will show more and more through the fire.


  • Harvest Location : Dong Ding
  • Roast Date : April 2021
  • Cultivar : Da Hong Pao
  • Farming Method : Conventional
  • Charcoal Roasted

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