Taiwan Wuyi


Taiwanese tea farmers emigrated from Fujian, and brought a lot of tea cultivars with them. This cultivar is called Wuyi named after Wuyi Mountain where it was discovered. It was probably originally cultivated from a hybrid that had grown wild in the mountains of Northern Fujian. Related to Shiuxian, Rou Gui and other famous cliff teas.


This particular tea is processed in the Taiwanese rolled oolong style. It is roasted, giving it a slight coffee aroma. The broth is full bodied, but soft. It does not over brew easily. A strong infusion will be pleasantly thick and maintain roundness in the broth. This is a hearty tea, and an excellent daily drinker if you are looking for something with some oomph.


  • Harvest Location : Nantou, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : Winter 2017
  • Cultivar : Wuyi Zhong
  • Farming Method : Conventional

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