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Come on a tea journey with us. We can help get your tea at home tasting EVEN BETTER! We source teas that are grown and crafted with integrity at every step, and we want to complete that circle by teaching tea brewing. This workshop/seminar is designed to help you deepen your tea practice at home.

Tea brewing is very simple, but every little thing can influence the way your tea tastes. Even your personality will affect your tea. Tea brewing, like many classical East Asian art forms, can be a great way to relax and even hold up a mirror to the self.

There are two levels to this hands-on workshop. In the first part we will focus on one single tea, and everyone will brew tea and learn how to improve what they're already doing. We will introduce basic steps to making a great pot of tea, and focus on concepts like economy of movement, structure and beauty.

At the second level we will introduce precise brewing techniques, and hone our skills and our flow at the tea table. At this level students will focus in on the steps we introduced in the first level, and learn ways to customize and how these slight changes affect the taste and feel of the tea we brew.

Maybe you just want to taste how much better you can make ANY TEA by your own hand, or maybe you want to deepen your tea meditation practice. Either way, we are very excited to launch this new series of tea brewing workshops and share tea knowledge with you!