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This is a small session tasting we are offering to let people taste these four teas we brought back from charcoal roasting master, Teacher Lai.

The venue is our shop as usual, but we are going in with the intention of keeping the tasting quiet as a way to respect each participant and have the maximum potential that these teas "show up". In other words, it is not a social event, although we will share a few stories to help highlight what is so inspiring to us about these teas. We are very grateful to be able to make teas like this available, we both hope they can bring you joy and a deeper understanding of what is possible with tea.

If you are not going to be in Seattle, please check out this sampler so you can try these teas if you are interested. Seattle people, please consider to come to this event so that out-of-town people can have a better chance to try the sampler. If this tasting fills up quickly, we will open more.

Bullet Points

  • In-store tasting of four excellent oolongs, for internet customers please see this sampler
  • Please help us cultivate a meditative, quiet space for the teas to show up
  • We will open with five minutes of quiet sitting
    • Small sitting, five people maximum
    • September 21st at 11 AM