Tokoname Pot #14

Teapot maker Chen Long makes these pots in Taiwan with a mixture of Japanese Tokoname clay and local Taiwanese clay. They are roughly done in the Yixing style, unglazed and well suited for brewing Gongfu tea.

We find these pots are extremely flexible, and do all kinds of Taiwanese tea very well, from bright high mountains & Baozhong to Dong Ding and even black tea. If you drink a lot of Taiwanese tea, this would be a great desert island pot.

Thrown on a wheel and slowly chiseled and shaped, these come out of the studio about one pot per day. A modern artisanal craft passed down from the previous generation. 

Don't forget to season them. We use already brewed tea leaves and soak them in a pot for about 24 hours, then rinse and repeat about 3 to 5 times. After that, it will highlight even bright floral fragrances quite well, and sweeten the broth.