Traditional Muzha Tie Guanyin


This is the old style, slow roasted, dark and rich Tie Guan Yin which in Taiwan is called "Zhengcong Tie Guan Yin" (True Bush TGY). Tea like this is very labor intensive, and the oolong market leans toward more fragrant and bright teas, meaning there is not much demand for tea like this nowadays. The farmer who makes this tea is doing so out of love for the craft his father passed on to him and his family. We received this tea in early 2017, but have been letting it rest for the last two and a half years because the tea body was not ready to drink. It will continue to develop, but it is very drinkable now. 


The dry leaf is DARK brown, scent is savory and woody. Brewed tea is dark amber color, with a slight stone fruit taste. The broth is strong and warming. A word of warning, the tea has a tendency towards bitterness. If you are sensitive to bitterness, it may be too intense for you. If you are not afraid of bitter tea and enjoy rich, brothy roasted oolong, I think this will make you very happy!


  • Harvest Location : Maokong, Xinbei, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : ???
  • Roast Date : 2016
  • Cultivar : Tie Guanyin
  • Unsprayed