Zhan's Taiwanese Oolong Tasting

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We are ready to offer tastings of Mr Zhan's teas that we picked up on this last filming trip. We spent a week with him and drank so many teas, and these were the ones that really spoke out to us. We want to share these incredible teas with our friends at home.

This tasting, we will work through some classic oolong teas from Taiwan that Master Zhan has touched with his charcoal roasting. Each tea tells a story, and in the tasting we will share stories as we drink the tea and bring you along to experience the brilliance of these oolongs. And we will compare with conventional teas of the same style so you can clearly see with your own senses the artistry that Zhan brings to tea.

In this tasting, we will brew:

  • Heavy Roast Alishan
  • Lalashan Hong Shui
  • 1999 Iron Cask Dong Ding
  • plus three conventional teas of similar styles