Zhan's Yunnan Oolong Tasting

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We are ready to offer tastings of Mr Zhan's teas that we picked up on this last filming trip. We spent a week with him and drank so many teas, and these were the ones that really spoke out to us. We want to share these incredible teas with our friends at home.

For this tea tasting, we will finally offer some of our very favorite oolong teas that we have gotten from Mr Zhan. He has been working with a Taiwanese farmer in Wuliangshan, Yunnan, and roasting the teas with charcoal in Taipei. These teas are so special. They have the fine detailed profile of Taiwanese oolong and the bold, vibrating energy profile of Yunnan (think Puer that tastes like oolong). We can't wait for our friends in Seattle to try some of these teas!

In this tasting, we will brew:

  • Mao Xie (furry crab varietal)
  • Tie Guan Yin
  • 1998 Puer Cake