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Alishan Black

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This batch is from a new garden, and we like it even better than the garden we'd been sourcing from. We were so blessed to come across this tea. The farmer's integrity and attention to detail is fantastic.

This is a high mountain "red oolong" from Alishan. That means it is processed like a Taiwanese black tea, but the leaves are tightly ball rolled in the style of high mountain oolong. Plus it has a complexity of notes that reflects high elevation grown tea. The generally floral and citrus bright notes of Alishan come down an octave or two, becoming something more akin to tropical fruit notes. Because of the flamboyant fragrance and sweet broth, this tea gets a lot of compliments from a wide range of tea drinkers.


The broth is soft and tender with a gentle sweetness, with bright passionfruit notes and floral (on the rose side) on the tip top. Leans into the oolong side of red oolong with a less tannic, more creamy profile. Goes down incredibly smooth with a super clean finish.

This is an especially soft and elegant Alishan Black that we are so stoked to be drinking!


  • Harvest Location : Alishan, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : October, 2023
  • Cultivar : Qing Xin


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