We are experts in the sourcing and ritual of oolong tea. We foster strong relationships with multi-generational tea farmers and artisan roasters in Taiwan who honor their craft by producing oolong of exceptional quality. Our goal is to tell their stories and highlight the integrity they bring to the tea in your cup.

All of the teas in our shop reflect inspiration from our own personal tea journeys. They are lovingly crafted and reflect the terroir of the regions in which they were grown. All the oolongs in our shop are single estate, unblended teas. On top of that, every single tea in our shop must be structured, balanced and soulful. It's been a decade since we first opened our doors, and we continue to discover oolong magic to share with our community of tea friends.

Our Philosophy

Sharing in traditional tea knowledge is the backbone of our business. Leading the tea community to discover greatness in teas has been the best way for us to share the teas we love. Over the years, we have found more profound teachers and better teas in Taiwan, challenging us to bring higher quality knowledge and teas back to our customers. We are your connection to the wisdom of Taiwanese tea culture.


Seattle's self-proclaimed Queen of Oolong owns Floating Leaves Tea. Her penchant for travel brought her to Seattle in the early 2000s, and it was here that she discovered her passion for Taiwan's great treasure, oolong tea.

In Taiwan, tea was just a part of daily life. In her mind it simply brought friends together. After finding a home in Seattle, soon she was sharing tea at local farmer's markets. Then she opened a tea house. Her passion for tea still drives her to seek out higher quality teas every time she returns to Taiwan. Floating Leaves is her outlet to share what she has collected on her tea journey.


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Noah was first inspired by oolong tea at 13 years old. It lead him to work in various local tea houses throughout university, where he studied Chinese Language and Literature. His tea practice and intent to keep learning brought him to Floating Leaves in 2013, and he began working as an apprentice two years later.

Special Thanks...

Floating Leaves would not be possible without the support of a few very compassionate tea friends. These are the people who have believed in Floating Leaves and pitched in countless efforts to help this company succeed. We've been bringing spectacular Taiwanese teas to the United States for more than a decade, and have been supported by our local community the whole time. Thank you! You know who you are.