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Smooth Water Baozhong 2024 Spring

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This Smooth Water Baozhong is from Nangang, the birthplace of Taiwanese Baozhong. Around the turn of the 20th century, Baozhong was produced as a flower scented tea, exported to South Asia and Northern China. The Taiwan Tea Reform Institute challenged farmers to create a Baozhong with the floral scent that drinkers were looking for, but naturally, without adding any scenting agent. The two farmers who successfully produced that flavor were both growing tea in Nangang. Now, Nangang tea farmers are very proud of their tradition of producing excellent floral Baozhong.

The first time Shiuwen met this farmer, he opened with "I bet you've never tasted real Baozhong before". He's very proud of what he makes as it was passed down through his family, and he wanted to show what Nangang tea could do. Shiuwen, never wanting to lose out on an opportunity to learn, said "Oh, I must not have. I've only had Pinglin Baozhong, never Nangang. What's the difference? Can we try some?"

He was excited to share his tea and his knowledge, so he brought out his tea, some Pinglin Baozhong to compare. As per custom on tea farms, the two teas were cupped with boiling water in porcelain bowls, and Shiuwen was given a tasting spoon to try the teas. The Pinglin tea at first showed off it's floral aroma that Shiuwen was familiar with, while the Nangang tea was more subdued. But after soaking in the bowl for 20 minutes, the Pinglin tea had developed a cloying astringency while the Nangang tea was solid, smooth and sweet, leaving behind an open feeling. So we decided to call this tea Smooth Water Baozhong.

Dry leaves give off a sweet, buttery scent in a hot gaiwan. Brewed, the aroma is at first delicately herbal then on further inspection rich floral undertones are revealed. It is a very fragrant tea, but presents itself in a reserved fashion with layers of depth hidden beneath the surface.

Mouthfeel is velvety smooth and slightly salty. After swallowing the taste gives way to mineral aftertaste and refreshing salivation. Aroma of fresh flowers lingers in the mouth long after sipping. An extra strong brew shows off this tea's special effect, the tea may develop a pleasant bitterness but will not become uncomfortably clingy no matter how long it's brewed. The taste always resolves to a pleasant sweetness. A very well balanced tea.

We recommend all our green oolongs brewed at boiling temperatures, but if that frightens you this is definitely one you can explore with. You'll need these higher temps to bring out the layers of depth to the aroma, and the bitterness is well constructed so that it will not overwhelm the taste, but add to it.


  • Harvest Location : Nangang District, Taipei County, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : May, 2024
  • Cultivar : Qingxin
  • Farming Method : Conventional


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