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Traditional Buddha Hand 2023

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This comes from a new source as of 2022, a garden on the lower elevations of Lalashan in the North of Taiwan. This garden is not certified organic, but the only thing they add to the soil is ground up soy beans and specially formulated compost. A very clean farm with good fengshui.

It is then processed in the traditional method, oxidized to old school standards and only gently rolled (not crushed) to avoid breaking the delicate fragrance molecules in the leaf. It then undergoes a long roasting process to bring out the fruity aroma and cure the leaf for long term storage.

We were overjoyed to find something so clean, delicious and satisfying at such an affordable price! And it keeps getting better with age.


The tea plants on this farm are young and spunky, so this batch has plenty of oomph in the aroma and in the energy. Rich, clean flavor which tastes extremely fruity this year. An excellent example of how fruity roasted oolong can get.

The roast is indeed pretty heavy, but after 3 months of aging it is coming into its own with incredibly sweet aroma and round body. Invigorating and refreshing body feeling. We like this one even a little more than last year thanks to the slightly extra roasting that occurred.

Rich, clean and quaffable. A wholesome and flavorful tea.

This Buddha Hand is delicious now, already quite well integrated, and is well suited to long term aging. Store in our vacuum sealed 150 gram bags, or inquire over email for larger quantities.


  • Harvest Location : Lalashan, Taoyuan, Taiwan
  • Roast Date : 2023 November
  • Cultivar : Buddha Hand
  • Farming : Unsprayed


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