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Flower Power Baozhong 2024 Spring

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Broth is a clear yellowish gold, buttery on the tongue and emanates a sweet, floral aroma. Scent has a bouquet of mellow, rather than bright, floral tones including honeysuckle and a bit of musky rose without the heavy sweetness, along with buttery baked goods on the low end. Slippery mouthfeel with medium viscosity, it drinks very smooth. This is an easygoing tea that feels good in my tummy.

We have been working with the Chen family for years. They provide us with Farmer's Choice Baozhong. They also used to make our Competition Style Baozhong up until a few years ago. Due to pressure from competition judges to move into greener and greener territory, we began to find their competition baozhong a bit hard on the stomach and thin, albeit with plentiful zippy aroma. 

However, this year Mrs. Chen recommended to her son that he try a bit more old fashioned approach and oxidize the tea longer. This experimental batch was a challenge to Chen junior, as he knew it would not stand a chance in competitions (broth is more gold than jade, and lacks the snappy green bean aroma of modern winning teas). However, when she tasted the result Mrs. Chen knew her clientele would be fighting over this crop of tea. 

Towards the end of an afternoon of tasting many greener teas that we didn't find appealing, Mrs. Chen finally brought out this sweet floral tea that was intended for another customer. It was love at first taste, and we snagged the whole bag! It tastes more like Baozhong we remember from 10-15 years ago, with a sweet round broth and distinctively floral (not marzipan or green bean) aroma.

This is a lighthearted, happy tea that is sweet like flowers and extremely quaffable.


  • Harvest Location : Pinglin, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : May, 2024
  • Cultivar : Qing Xin
  • Farming Method : Conventional


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