traditional A dongding oolong

Ripe Fruit, Toasty, Thick, Juicy

Our long time friend Mr. Su, the grumpy Dong Ding farmer, is very specific about is tea. He has maintained a traditional tea making style over the years because he believes in what he is doing. Looking out on Mr. Su's tea garden it looks like a mess! Peanut shells litter the ground (natural fertilizer) under his bushes and the plants have all but gone wild. This is the kind of tea we like to drink. This is a very nice, natural environment for the tea to grow up in. It is very satisfying to drink tea like this.

We call this tea a traditional style oolong because it is more oxidized than modern oolong, and it has gone through a long process called "lang qing" to evenly distribute natural enzymes throughout the leaf. The focus of this tea is the broth rather than the fragrance. Neither wildly fragrant nor dark or intense, swaying neither too far one way or the other, this tea is full bodied, balanced, has a long structured finish and is pleasantly round. This is a soulful, traditional tea which will please tea drinkers of all levels.

We only brought back a few pounds of tea in our luggage so people could buy some for the sale. There will be more tea in a few weeks time! Thanks for your understanding ~ <3

Harvested in Dong Ding Mountain, Nantou County, Taiwan ~ 2018 Spring Picking, 2018 Winter Roasting ~ Soft Stem  (AKA Ruanzhi) Cultivar ~ Unsprayed

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