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Yunnan Gold

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High quality picking from big tea trees in Yunnan, this material usually destined for puerh since demand is so high. We specially commission it as a black tea because it has a rich, clean broth and ages well. The tea was finished in the traditional method, over a wood fire, so you may notice a very light smokiness akin to some traditionally processed puerh. Good quantity of furry golden buds mixed into slender mature leaves.


A harmony of chocolatey, malty, and earthy notes form the bass with an apricot like fruity tone in the lead. Deep, resonant broth reaches out into the body with strong energy like good old tree puer. A balanced, clean and comforting Yunnan black tea, or Dian Hong, that we are proud to share.

Having particularly solid base, this tea has fantastic aging potential. We have intentionally left it to age for one year before releasing it so the flavors can meld and body soften.


  • Harvest : Spring 2023
  • Cultivar : Big Leaf Assamica (大葉種)
  • Unsprayed


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