Oriental Beauty


Oriental Beauty is an intentionally bug bitten, open leaf oolong created in Taiwan. It is bitten by a small green leaf-hopper, and the bite-wound causes a sweetness in the leaf. Then the young leaves are plucked by hand and oxidized rather heavily to coax out the natural sweetness in the tea. The characteristic of this tea is it's strong honey aroma and sweet taste.


This is a new batch as of December 2019. The tea is from the 2019 harvest of Oriental Beauty. 

Notes of honey are big and sweet in the aroma. There is a nice fruity taste, almost like muscat grape, and juicy broth. The body is light overall. A delightful tea with a sweet honey feeling.


  • Harvest Location : Pinglin, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : June, 2019
  • Cultivar : Qing Xin

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