GABA Oolong

New Tea November 2020


GABA oolong is a specially processed tea which is flushed with nitrogen during the what is traditionally an 'oxidization' process. This creates GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) in the tea leaves, the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter in our central nervous system. GABA oolong is said to calm the nerves and potentially has a whole host of medical benefits, which you can read about on Wikipedia.

We have been approached many times in the past about GABA oolong. But we don't choose teas because of their health benefits, we choose teas that taste good! And this style of GABA tastes really yummy. It's processed darker, like a red water oolong, which amounts to a deep orange/red broth with caramel and ripe fruit notes.

This new crop of GABA is from our friend's farm on Shan Lin Xi! Really excellent, clean tea from a high elevation tea garden. And the master who actually took the raw tea leaves and made them into GABA Oolong is the same master who taught Lalashan farmer how to make GABA tea!


This high elevation GABA oolong is rich, sweet and fruity. Notes include sweet potato, tropical fruit like mangosteen and caramel.

The broth brews up a deep copper red, a tinge darker than the previous GABA from Nantou. The scent from the warm dry leaves is sweet with a wonderful layering of flavor notes. The scent is potent and penetrates into the body with a soft texture.

The broth 'puffs', it has a third dimension as it spreads out in the mouth. The throat feeling is warm and comforting, and the broth continues to feel warming as it enters the body. Strong body feeling on this one, too, with a greater sense of vibration. 

This GABA oolong is excellent for the price. It's starting to approach Lala Shan Hong Shui, which I consider a 'meditation grade' tea, but for less than half the price. It's a deluxe GABA!


  • Harvest Date - 2020
  • Harvest Location - Shan Lin Xi, Taiwan
  • Cultivar - Qing Xin

PS If you were crazy over the Nantou GABA (previous crop of GABA) there's still a couple bags left. It's listed in the drop down menu above marked "Size:"

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