happiness together mountain oolong


This oolong was harvested from a tea garden around 1800 meters high on Hehuan Shan, near Lishan. The name He Huan means 'happy together' in Chinese.

Although this is a lesser known mountain, often marketed as Lishan tea in Taiwan, it has been consistently yummy for the last few seasons. We haven't found a Lishan that we like yet, so if you are yearning for Lishan please give this Hehuan Shan a try.



The dry leaves have a deep floral fragrance. The broth is incredibly soft and balanced, a quality that Shiuwen has really loved in the past few seasons. The bouquet is still locked up due to travel, so we will update tasting notes in a couple weeks.



  • Harvest Location : Hehuanshan, Hualien, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : Spring, 2019
  • Cultivar : Qing Xin
  • Farming Method : Conventional
  • Altitude : 1800 Meters