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Gu Yi 30 Year Shou Puer, 100g Tuocha

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We got this tea from a collector friend in Taiwan who had found this in his warehouse the day before we arrived. Good fortune for us -- and for you! It has been stored in Taiwan for roughly 30 years. The only bummer is there wasn't more of it! It's always challenging to find clean aged tea for a reasonable price. This one is straightforward and without any musty or moldy taste, and therefore fits the bill.

Aged Shou Puer is an interesting category as it is already fermented the day it comes out of the factory, but it deepens and mellows with age. It ends up being the most gentle and mellow type of tea, and is very easy on the body. Some people believe it has nearly no caffeine. We hope you can try it to learn what aged shou puer is supposed to taste like. It would also make for a good daily drinker if you need a tea that is easy on the system.

After a quick rinse to remove some of the 'storage taste', the broth brews up rich and oily, sweet, smooth and clean. Long Taiwan storage has done wonders for mellowing this tea. It has a deep earthy flavor and thick, smooth texture that is easy to drink. Prominent note is fresh rain and wet stone, followed up by herbal medicine/ginseng fragrance. A good clean tea with the healthy feeling of good clean black earth and the stamina to go for many infusions.

A good choice for a warming, earthy daily drinker that is easy on the body, especially in the colder months.


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