GABA Oolong


GABA oolong is a specially processed tea which is flushed with nitrogen during the what is traditionally an 'oxidization' process. This creates GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) in the tea leaves, the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter in our central nervous system. GABA oolong is said to calm the nerves and potentially has a whole host of medicinal benefits, although we'll leave that up to your own research.

We don't, however, choose teas for their health benefits, we choose teas for their taste. And this rich, red brothed GABA oolong is yummy.


Dry leaves offer the classic GABA aroma of fresh baked, yeasty sweet buns. Brewed, the caramel, date and raisin notes begin to reveal themselves, and with the second infusion the more earthy sweet potato and woody notes round out the 'bass' of this tea. On the upper end, apple and spices notes give the tea a tinge of brightness.

Mouthfeel is juicy and slick. Broth has a full presence in the mouth with a sweet aftertaste.

The flavorful, rich amber broth doesn't get bitter no matter how dark you push it. This is a satisfying and very relaxing oolong!

Brewing Notes

Very forgiving to brew, and it does great grandpa style as well as gongfu style. Well suited to chilling after a long day.


  • Harvest Date - September 2022
  • Harvest Location - Xinzhu, Taiwan
  • Cultivar - Qing Xin

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