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1979 Beipu Aged Oolong

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This over-40-years-old tea comes from Beipu, on the West Coast of Taiwan. At this time in Taiwanese tea history, Beipu was known for producing ‘Formosa Oolong’ for export to the West. 

This particular base tea was solid and clean, and thanks to the magic of time (along with excellent storage) it has developed into something quite delicious. Rich, deep amber broth and full body energy. Not everyone will like the earthy taste of aged oolong, but this tea is an excellent litmus test for what clean aged oolong should taste like. It also takes a little extra babying when brewing, as it has been asleep in a bag for more than four decades now.


This tea brews up a rich, deep amber color. Taste is that of good, clean aged oolong: Earthy, plummy, woody and slightly sour. Big, lush broth and throaty aftertaste. Awesome tea energy, and very warming. Great on cold days or late night brewing sessions.

We treasure this tea. We hope you will savor it.

Brewing note : Gentle, patient brewing is rewarded with thick, rich and fragrant tea broth. If brewed improperly it will be thin and tart. It requires full-boiling water.


  • Harvest Location : Beipu, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : 1979
  • Cultivar : Unknown
  • Farming : Unknown, no traces of pesticide or synthetic fertilizer in the taste


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