2021 Winter Da Yu Ling High Mountain Oolong


Da Yu Ling is the highest tea growing peak in Taiwan at roughly 2500 meters above sea level. Maybe the most famous and coveted tea on the island.

The cold weather comes sooner and cooler up on Da Yu Ling, so this Winter's harvest has developed a much more concentrated fragrance.


I call this tea Icicle Princess. It's a gorgeous, noble personality from the staggering high elevation tea gardens on Da Yu Ling in the Winter. The broth is an attractive golden-jade, the classic color of high mountain oolong that makes your mouth water.

The aroma leads with brilliant florals and dazzling citrus notes, following with a sweetness like the warmth of a young woman's smile. The scent is powdery and delicate, yet stately and assured. Clean, the broth is smooth and coats the mouth and throat as it goes down. Soft and refreshing.

This is an elegant tea.


  • Harvest Location : Da Yu Ling, Lishan, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : November 2021
  • Cultivar : Qing Xin Oolong
  • Farming Method : Conventional
  • Altitude : 2500 meters

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