Lala Shan Hong Shui


It's not really fair to call this tea organic. It is more than organic, the bushes are basically left to grow wild on the mountain. The field is small, a beautiful high elevation garden, tended by the most darling couple.

This tea is a GABA oolong. Rich, sweet and red. Deeply calming and nourishing. It's one of our favorite teas, we drink it every single day when we have it.


It's been about three years since we had a new batch of Lalashan. This batch was rolled in a more traditional way, what we would call tadpole shape rather than the tight little balls of conventional high mountain oolong.

The scent off the warm dry leaves is of mature, slightly fermented fruit. A bit like homemade wine or fruit leather. The scent is incredibly soft, like a baby's skin, and it easily wafts deeply into the body from the sinuses; to the top of the head and to the heart. Broth is both rich and soft, softer than soft, warmly and gently melting into the throat and the body. Deeply calming, like stepping into a spa where everyone is quiet. It's obvious they showed up to relax and take care of themselves.

This batch is red, but not as red as the previous batch. It has also been lightly touched up by charcoal roasting, lending it a sense of precision and focus. A spectacularly clean tea with a beautiful energy evocative of the natural environment in which it was grown.

Brewing Tips

Of all our special reserve teas, this one is the most forgiving to brew. No sharp edges, just soft and gentle. Brew it long, brew it short, lots of leaves, less leaves. It all seems to work.

Sometimes I like to brew this tea 'espresso' style. I take a clay pot and a relatively small amount of leaves and brew it over a boiling kettle, decocting the liquor after about 30 minutes to an hour. It's like making medicine!


  • Harvest Location : Lalashan, Taoyuan, Taiwan
  • Roast Date : August 2020
  • Cultivar : Qing Xin
  • Farming Method : Minimum intervention, on the verge of wild

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