2017 Winter Alishan High Mountain

Alishan was the first alpine region in Taiwan to begin growing tea on a large scale. It is also the most famous producer of high mountain teas, popular for its sweet floral taste. The tea farm that we work with is about 1200 meters high. They grow the Qingxin Oolong cultivar, like all of our high mountain oolongs.

This season's harvest is excellent. The bouquet is floral and sweet, and the broth is very smooth and soft. A slightly buttery mouth feel tends to come out in the second brew. The aftertaste blossoms late after you swallow... wait for it and it will surprise you! After the aftertaste shows up, try breathing out of your nose with your mouth closed. The lingering aftertaste is bright and stimulating. It's a really cool effect we are happy to find in a good oolong.