2022 Spring Hehuan Shan High Mountain


This Hehuan Shan high mountain oolong was harvested from a garden at about 1800 meters elevation. Hehuan Shan is geographically near Lishan, and sometimes included in the category of Lishan tea. We look for Hehuan Shan with rich buttery body, and an elegant, delicate fragrance.


Broth is a clear jade-gold color. A good slurp fills the mouth and nose with citrus fruit (grapefruit, pomelo) and flower aroma, and leaves behind a delightful sweet fragrance in the bottom of the teacup you can enjoy after you finish the broth. Mouthfeel is rich and buttery, complementing the high tones in the aroma with a round body. Aftertaste is complex and lingers for a very long time.

This is a classical high mountain oolong with a lingering, elegant finish. I would choose this one to show a new tea drinker how beautiful and refined Taiwanese high mountain oolong can be.


  • Harvest Location : Hehuan Shan, Hualien County, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : May, 2022
  • Cultivar : Qing Xin
  • Farming Method : Conventional
  • Altitude : 1800 Meters

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