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September's Roasted Oolongs Drop Today 9/14/22

September's Roasted Oolongs Drop Today 9/14/22

!! Hooray! Charcoal Oolong Out Now !!

We’ve got an updated list of 4 charcoal fired oolongs that are ready to go out into the world! All on our website now. Quantities are limited, some are only a single bamboo basket’s worth of tea.

Also, read to the bottom for more info on an upcoming Live Session. 

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Updated List :
  • Cascadia Dong Ding - Our own version of charcoal fired Dong Ding Oolong. A long time in the making, I’ve finally found a way to work with this tea after months in the charcoal laboratory.
  • Heartwood Hongshui - A customer favorite; deep rich flavors of dried fruit and chocolate on top of an earthy, grounded body.
  • Imladris Wild High Mountain - A complex, aromatic oolong with just enough fire to bring out the fruity-floral scent and thicken the broth.
  • Smooth Water Baozhong - The final embers of a charcoal roast offer the most delicate heat source of all. This is the time I was able to just lightly touch up some Smooth Water Baozhong to bring it’s elegant structure to the foreground.

PLUS, Live Session Coming Soon…

We’ll be offering a live Tea Class on IG and YouTube on September 27th.

We will compare the raw and finished version of Heartwood Hongshui. The goal is to give an example of what charcoal roasting does, beyond add a roasted taste to tea. The materials are available to anyone who places an order on our shop this week.

What you have to do :

  1. Place an order on
  2. In the notes, request a sample of Raw Heartwood Hongshui
  3. We will send you the sample of raw tea with your order.

Note : Just make sure you either (1) buy a bag of finished Heartwood to compare or (2) already have some Heartwood in your tea stash.

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