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New Teas Release for Fall

New Teas Release for Fall

The Teas :

Laughing Buddha II, Crimson Beauty, Pearls of Dew

We've been aging these teas specially for an Autumn release. These are teas we've found throughout the year that have benefited from a few months in our storage, and are perfectly suited for the colder weather.

Like many of our customers, it's important to us to drink teas that fit the seasons. These are the types of tea that we've been reaching for when the mornings are nippy and the sun goes down earlier and earlier. We're looking for a good balance of warming broth and bright, clearing scent that gives a sense of refreshment.

Laughing Buddha II
The beloved Laughing Buddha is back on the website today! We were only able to acquire a small amount of this Yunnan grown, Taiwan style, masterfully charcoal roasted high mountain oolong.

Notes of tropical fruit, sweet flowers, sandalwood and fresh resinous cannabis contribute to this tea's fabulous and addictive scent.

When we sold out last time, there were more people asking about the next iteration of Laughing Buddha than we can remember. The aroma is intoxicating, and the broth is deep and luxurious.

Crimson Beauty
Honey fragrant -- or bug bitten -- high elevation red tea : Notes of lychee, tropical fruit and sandalwood with a delicate rose tone topping off the high end.

Oriental Beauty & Crimson Lishan's Lovechild

Pearls of Dew
This medium roasted tea has an earthy broth and heady scent. We find it to be an excellent balance of refreshing and warming for the changing seasons.

Plus new batches of High Grade Charcoal Dong Ding and GABA Oolong.
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