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NEW Winter 2022 Harvest Oolong

NEW Winter 2022 Harvest Oolong

New harvest Winter 2022 High Mountain Oolongs - NOW IN STOCK!

In Taiwan, two harvests per year (Winter and Spring) are the most coveted. Winter is known for producing a much lower yield and more intense fragrance than Spring teas.

Noah has been in Taiwan for the last three weeks sourcing teas, and has been blessed to find some excellent offerings from this Winter's harvest.

This year the weather was slightly uncooperative, and due to excessive rains and warm temps, we've pivoted on a few teas to new sources. What we've discovered is, although conventionally grown teas can be extremely fragrant during good seasons, they are less resilient on challenging seasons. However, teas grown without agrochemicals show more resilience. We call these teas 'unsprayed' because, although they are grown without synthetic fertilizers, the farmers have not bothered to get organic certifications.

The conventional teas that we've chosen come from microclimates that faired well this year. However, you'll also notice we have a new source for Alishan (called Plum Blossom) as well as a Shan Lin Xi from a new source.

The Lineup

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We're passionate about finding new sources for tasty, organic teas (a surprisingly rare combination -- often organic teas are not that tasty, they can be weak and flavorless). This is one of the main reasons Noah is in Taiwan right now, and we're very very blessed to have stumbled upon some excellent sources. The new Shan Lin Xi is grown on a sustainable farm, and processed by a supremely skilled maker who is able to call out gorgeous aroma on top of tightly structured broth. We're super excited about it!

Please be aware : Because these unsprayed teas don't use synthetic fertilizers, they don't have as punchy of a fragrance as their conventional counterparts. If you have been drinking our conventionally grown high mountains, we recommend starting with a small quantity of the unsprayed teas first. These teas have a more relaxed, flowing fragrance that, once you get used to, is the most comfortable fragrance imaginable.

We hope you enjoy these intense aromatic high elevation teas this Winter, both for their refreshing qualities and to remind you of the perpetual bounty of Spring that is currently resting for the season. Wishing you many happy sips!

Shiuwen, Noah and Sunny

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