Lala Shan Hong Shui


This Hong Shui oolong is one of Charcoal Master Zhan's regular teas. It is grown organically by a meticulous farmer on Lalashan, a mountain South of Taipei. Last time we met him, he was telling us that he uses symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi in his soil to naturally give his tea plants extra strength. This tea is also a GABA oolong, 'oxidized' with nitrogen in high tech machines. Master Zhan drinks GABA tea to help treat his Parkinson's disease symptoms. It is supposed to be good for healing nerve damage. And he says GABA tastes best when oxidized more heavily into a Hong Shui (red water) oolong.

This tea hits so many points, its almost funny! GABA, Hong Shui, High Mountain, Organic, Old Bush. But what we really care about is that it comes together to make an excellent tea. It was grown by a talented farmer and roasted by a master. And now it's one of our favorite teas.


The tea itself is very 'big'. The broth is thick and syrupy. The taste is caramel sweet and very complex. The scent is clear and penetrating, rising straight from the nose to the top of the head. In the body, this tea is very calming. When Shiuwen first bought this tea for her personal supply, Zhan said he liked its effect of calming the lower abdomen. But as it calms the body, the sheer bigness of the tea is stimulating to the mind. It is like a good piece of art in that way.

If you want to experience the beauty of a masterfully done oolong, this tea is an excellent choice. It has structure, body, aroma and an artists touch.


  • Harvest Location : Lalashan, Taoyuan, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : September 2017
  • Cultivar : Qing Xin
  • Farming Method : Unsprayed

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