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2017 Ailao Shan

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This tea is clean. The fragrance of this puer still retains the light woodsmoke note from the firing process, along with a sweet complexity of dried fruits and grasses. I just call that the puer note, because tea from older trees almost always has an apricot note to me. The broth of this tea is juicy feeling, and the notes are welcoming and delightful. There is a persistent bitterness that's actually very comfortable despite the fact that it stays on the tongue. It has a way of lending the tea heft and weight without overpowering. The broth spreads nicely across the tongue and to the throat, as well as puffing up to the roof of the mouth.

In the body this tea is comfortable, softly reaching down to the stomach and gently vibrating out through the rest of the body. Being a four year old tea, this cake still retains the spunk of young sheng puer, although it is relatively gentle in character. An tasty example of clean old tree puer at an affordable price point.


  • Sheng Puer (Raw, Green)
  • Harvest Location : Ailao Shan, Yunnan
  • Harvest Date : Mat 10th, 2017
  • Storage : Taiwan
  • Farming : Wild Growing Tea Forest
  • Varietal : Big Leaf


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